We organise and accompany the audit of the annual financial statements and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


We prepare your company for the audit of the annual accounts on the basis of properly managed accounting and your key business figures. A well-prepared annual audit enables efficient and cost-effective processing.


Due diligence

Whether a company is bought or sold, the examination of the tax and legal circumstances is decisive. Here, too, you benefit from our holistic consulting concept. We deal with all aspects relevant to your decision and give recommendations for action.


According to § 16 MABV, brokers, loan brokers, property developers and construction supervisors are obliged to have the compliance with special regulations checked. We would gladly carry out the necessary examination for tradesmen within the meaning of § 34 MABV.


Plausibility assessment

For companies that are not subject to audit, lenders in particular are required to make a special assessment of the economic situation. If required, you will receive the annual financial statements to be prepared by us with a corresponding plausibility assessment.