Succession Consultation


There is considerable tax leeway in asset and succession planning and in the event of inheritance. We will assist you in using them.


Regardless of whether business activities are terminated or dispositions in the private sector - with timely planning there is considerable tax leeway to arrange income tax, gift tax or inheritance tax in a favourable way for you. With our existing clients, we already have the essential information that is required for this due to our ongoing and intensive support. In the case of a new mandate, we will determine the basis for target-oriented planning within the framework of a carefully prepared asset analysis and company valuation.

With creativity and by taking into account the current legal and tax aspects, we will develop a concept together with you, including relevant alternatives, and then implement it appropriately. We will prepare your company for your exit and work out an individual solution for you.

Securing values achieved and benefiting from them in the future
Are you planning to exit your company through partial or complete sale, a transfer within the family or within the company? The social changes, the generation change and above all the lack of secure investments pose a great challenge for entrepreneurs and all persons leaving working life. As independent consultants, we are your contact point and offer you custom developed concepts that suit your personal ideas. Thanks to our excellent networking in the region and our national and international contacts, we are also happy to help you find a buyer.